The Corino family arrived at La Morra in 1952. Most of the grapes were produced for sale to traders and the remaining wine was sold to relatives and friends in demijohns. Their first bottle of Barolo was produced in the middle eighties. In 1987 Giuliano and Renato, following the example of their friend Elio Altare, started to do the first thinning in the vineyard in order get a better quality wines. At the end of 2005 they decided to split the company. Giuliano, with his wife Stefania, runs the place and the historic label.  The property at Frazione L’Annunziata produces predominantly nebbiolo (5 ha), then dolcetto (1.5 ha) and barbera (1.5 ha). His nebbiolo and Barolo are famous for their aromatics and structure.


2013 Langhe Nebbiolo

Grape: nebbiolo

A delicious intro to nebbiolo. This is in essence young vines Barolo (less than 15 years old) aged only in stainless still in order to distinguish the fruit character of nebbiolo grape. Silky, fresh, extremely elegant.


2011 Barolo

Grape: nebbiolo

Corino’s Barolo vineyards in La Morra are some of the top sites. His approach is modernist, with use of small format barrels and in variable % new, but the purity and complexity of the fruit comes through in a powerful and long way.