About 121BC

121BC refers to a vintage of Falernian wine – an acclaimed ‘cru’ of the Roman age, considered by many ancient sources to be the vintage of a lifetime. Pliny The Elder records that Julius Caesar, upon being served the famous vintage (more than 60 years later), said, “Dude, this vino is incredible”.

121BC focuses on small artisan producers, Italian local varieties, sustainability in wine growing, and minimal intervention in wine- making. Take a stroll through our wine shop, where wines are arranged by region. You can pick up a bottle to drink in the wine bar, or alternatively, wines by the glass are available. The list is changed regularly, so visit “Wine” to see the current lineup. The ever-changing food menu is simple, and like the wine, is based on all the regions of Italy. The focus is on seasonal produce and sharing plates.


The wine bar consists of one large table which can seat 24 people at a time, and because of this limited space, we accept some bookings for dinner only. However we keeping some free seats for walk-ins. Please contact us on 02 9699 1582 between 3pm till 12am.


 We can  arrange functions only on lunchtime, max 22p.  Tuesday to Saturday. For more details  please email us  or call us on 029699 1582.